[Case Study] The In’s & Out’s of Inventory Management

Over the years, Pro Cellular has consistently succeeded at delivering above-standard customer service and excellent product selection. Tracing Pro Cellular’s success back a few years takes us to 2006 when the company was really growing fast and needed to make the overdue move away from paper, pencil, and spreadsheets in order to track inventory, employees, and payroll. Pro Cellular selected iQmetrix’s POS and Retail Management System, RQ, to help them manage their growth.

According to Michael Johansen, Pro Cellular’s Director of Operations, one of the biggest benefits of RQ is the scalability – particularly as it relates to inventory and insight into what’s happening at each store location.

How confident are you with your inventory practices for your stores? Are you able to manage your inventory across multiple locations, transfer product, set up auto ordering, and take action on your inventory reports with ease?

Read the full case study to discover how Pro Cellular leveraged their POS inventory tools to propel growth.

Note: Pro Cellular has since been aquired by T3Wireless, another AT&T wireless retailer.