[Case Study] 3 Ways Bluegrass Cellular is Leveraging iQmetrix’s Solutions for Growth

Bluegrass Cellular recognized the need to take a step forward in their omnichannel initiatives in order to optimize the way their customer journey flows for today’s consumer. To do that, Bluegrass is leveraging RQ to help them grow in 3 ways.

  1. Creating customer experiences specific to particular locations or regions
  2. Becoming better business owners by harnessing the power of data and reporting
  3. Engaging employees with easy-to-navigate tools that are designed to make them feel comfortable 

Check out the video to hear Jason Raymer, Bluegrass Cellular’s Director of Sales, detail why these 3 areas are important to the company and their overall customer experience.

Since the filming of this case study, Bluegrass Cellular has been acquired by Verizon.

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