Capturing Growth in Wireless

Being a long-time champion of the wireless industry, Reliance Wireless owner, Avi Sohal, growth in this market has always been at the forefront of his mind. The opening of his flagship location fueled the fire, and each decision he made from that point on was in pursuit of growth. Today, Reliance Wireless is an authority in the wireless space thanks to rapid expansion and success. But how did Avi achieve turn his growth strategy into a reality? Read this case study to learn…

  • How Reliance Wireless moved from a one-door retailer to a 5-location chain
  • What was the game-changer that empowered Avi Sohal to see wireless success
  • Why the success of Reliance Wireless didn’t happen by accident 

…and so much more. This wireless success story doesn’t have to be a one-time occurrence. Explore how other wireless retailers can see the same level of growth by reading the full study.