Calculated Measures’ Inform Staff of Newest Products

Looking for an easy way to notify staff of new Product Launches? Look no further! BI includes calculated measures, which:

  • Indicate the date the Product was created;
  • Count the Number of Days from the created date.

Using these measures, you can easily create a useful report to help staff keep on top of new products hitting the stores.

Here’s how:

  1. Begin by opening template 100 - smp - Date Single Day.”
  2. Choose Save As” and name your report: Products Created In the Last 30 Days.

  3. Next, open the query builder.

  4. Right click on the data in view to Clear Grid.”

  5. Navigate to the Product Measures. Open up that measure group and add in Days Since Product Created” and Product Created.”

  6. To report by product, we will want to add Products and SKUs to the query. These items can be found under categories and products.

  7. Change the existing category and product filter to point/​default from all products to the category you would like.

  8. From within Categories and Products, add a filter for Regular products only.

  9. Choose OK” to move on the design screen.

  10. From within the design screen, drag your values onto the existing table -- removing the items you don’t need.

  11. Filter your Days Since Product Created measure within your Row Group to include only those products you wish to include.

And that’s it! Easy right?

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