BI Tips: Providing Team Access to the System

System access is easily granted at the Group level. BI connects directly to the security groups that live in RQ. This makes providing a team Report Viewing Access in an interactive way very quick and easy.

Rather than setting up each user, we can simply set up the team/​security group from RQ. It also means BI can quickly become a tool for managing the work day, making decisions and coaching staff!

As you begin you consider initially setting up Senior Sales Leadership, Executive or the Individual(s) who assist in Administering BI Reports. Visit the iQmetrix Support Community site for an overview on System Securities.

The below example outlines the steps to configure the security group Sales Team with system access and share content with that team. The same example can be followed for providing access to other teams or individuals.

5.1. Configure Access for A Security Role: 

  1. Click on folder Settings.
  2. Choose New Role.
  3. Key in the security role you wish to set up, following the same logic as used when logging in: Sales.Team@DBName. Note: Your role may be named differently.
  4. Choose OK!

If you have any questions about this feature or BI in general, please contact your Account Manager directly.

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