BI Tips: Build an On Hand Report in Under 10 Minutes!

Did you know BI can be used to pull In-stock Quantities and Costs by location or product? 

In this quick this example, we will walk you through setting up an In-stock report by location for your handset inventory.

  1. Begin by opening template 100 - smp - Date Single Day Inventory”.
  2. Choose Save As” and name your report: On Hand By Location.
  3. Next, open the query builder.
  4. Right click on the data in view to Clear Grid.”
  5. Navigate to the inventory activity measures — advanced inventory measures group.
    Open up that measure group and add in Instock Cost” and Instock Qty”.
  6. To report by location, we will need to Add Regions and Stores.Regions and Stores to the query.
  7. Change the existing category and product filter to point/​default from all products to your handset category.
  8. Choose OK” to move on the design screen.
  9. From within the design screen, drag your values onto the existing table -- removing the items you do not need.
  10. Format the Cost column into dollars. And you are done!

To learn more, join us for weekly training and How-To’s on report building and design during our BI Q&A: Mondays at 2 p.m. EST.

Looking for help with report building/​creation? Contact our team at training@​iQmetrix.​com.