Benefits of New Lowest Price’ Column in the Carrier Price Sheet

Prior to version 5.4, there has only been the option of giving a product that is on the carrier price sheet a Below PAW” value.

  • This means a value could be assigned to a product to allow discounts up to the below PAW amount.

i.e. A product is on the Carrier Pricing sheet for $499.99 with a below PAW value being $429.99. This would allow the salesperson to discount the value of the SKU to $429.99 without a manager override.

Included in version 5.4, the option can be set in the price sheet using the Lowest Price” option in the Carrier Price Sheet.

Using this option will provide more flexibility than the Below PAW option.

When using the Below PAW option, each value was managed at a SKU level, meaning using the master list or locating the product in the inventory tree was necessary.

Now the value can be managed in the Carrier Price Sheet. This allows for more consistency and uniform pricing strategies.

Enabling the Lowest Price” option in the price sheet is simple:

Go to:

  • Settings » Vendor Account Setup
  • Choose Use Lowest Price” save and open the price sheet.
  • In the Retail Price and Equipment Rebates” tab, there will be a new column for the Lowest Price” to be entered.

For more information on this or other RQ features and functionality, email training@​iQmetrix.​com or contact your Account Manager directly.