Apple Pay FAQs

As we’ve ramped up development related to the October 2015 EMV liability shift, our Payment Processing team has also fielded a number of client inquiries related to Apple Pay. The objective of this article is to address some FAQs related to our company’s plans for Apple Pay and how to configure and use it today.

How does Apple Pay work?
For those of you that don’t know, Apple Pay is Apple’s NFC tap-to-pay technology, which allows users to pay for purchases by simply tapping their NFC-enabled device (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch) against a payment terminal equipped for NFC transactions.

For security purposes, Apple Pay requires the user verify their identity after tapping, either by scanning their fingerprint or entering their device passcode.

Are Apple Pay and EMV related?
Technically, Apple Pay (NFC tap-to-pay) and EMV (chip and pin) are separate technologies.

However, Apple Pay is capable of processing transactions that are EMV-compliant.

What RQ supported hardware is capable of accepting Apple Pay?
iQmetrix recommends one of the following payment terminal devices for accepting Apple Pay and EMV transactions:

  • Verifone MX 915
  • Ingenico iSMPc
  • Ingenico iSC250

When can we expect iQmetrix to have Apple Pay up and running in RQ?
Apple Pay can be used today in RQ by enabling and setting up the NFC payment type. Please reference the Apple Pay support document on our Support Community site. Continue to stay tuned for further details related to Apple Pay functionality in RQ.

Do RQ Payment Processing partners support Apple Pay payments for invoices?
Yes all RQ Payment Processing Partners support Apple Pay Payments. See our payment processing partners here and sign up for integrated credit card processing today.

How do third-party integrations in RQ work with Apple pay?
Apple Pay is currently not supported in any flows where there is a third-party integration. Examples of these non-supported flows include:

  • ProtectCELL (HSP Monthlies)
  • ProtectCELL (Financing PayUsLater)
  • eSecuritel (HSP Monthlies)
  • BrightStar (Accessifi)

Which payment acquirers support Apple Pay for hardware collections?

  • First Data – Supported
  • Bank of America Merchant Services – Supported
  • Chase Paymentech – Not supported
  • Elavon – Not Supported
  • Heartland – Not Supported

*Please note: Merchants using hardware collections should not accept Apple Pay payments on new activations if their acquirer is not supported, as it is not possible to charge the Apple Pay token after the consumer has left the store.

Does the NFC cardholder verification limit apply to Apple Pay?
Yes, the NFC cardholder verification limit for the U.S. currently sits at $50.00. This means merchants that process NFC-based transactions without requiring a signature may be liable for chargebacks that exceed the verification amount. The payment acquirers recommend not setting the NFC verification limit higher than $100.00 to limit the exposure to fraud and chargebacks.

If you have any additional questions related to Apple Pay and RQ, please feel free to email me at RachelL@​iQmetrix.​com or contact your Account Manager directly.