3 Signs That Your Employee Training Isn’t Working

Making sure new and current employees receive adequate training is essential to the success of retailers. If your employees aren’t informed, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the products they sell, the impact may be greater and more complicated than you might expect.

Performance, production and profit are all directly connected to the initial and on-going training sessions. So if you aren’t sure if you’re training protocols are working, ask yourself these questions:

How frequently do you offer/​execute training on your products?

Weekly? Monthly? Annually? Never? Most companies offer an initial training with intermittent and inconsistent support thereafter. New hire training is a great start, but once that initial period is over, many employees are left in a sink or swim status. How frequently are you updating, refreshing or introducing new training lessons? Increasing the cadence of your training ensures your employees have the most current information needed to perform their jobs well. It also reduces miscommunication and confusion among internal teams. Eliminating I didn’t know,” or When did this change,” is essential to any productive sales group.

Can your employees be trained independently?

The logistics surrounding an in-person training can be complicated. Coordinating travel, availability, and meeting space are just a small sampling of potential hiccups in the planning of training sessions. In regards to productivity, nothing hurts productivity like pulling your workforce off of the sales floor and into a meeting room. Mobile training solutions eliminate all the logistical red tape and allows training to be both individualized and personalized. Employees can take courses at their own pace and on their own schedule. This eliminates many of the traditional barriers to learning and ushers in a new/​modern way of improving employee knowledge.

Can your employees conveniently access training materials? 

Traditional training sessions typically utilize materials that aren’t easily retainable, not extremely portable and not easily referenced. If you are still utilizing PowerPoint presentations, printouts or handouts, you are drastically reducing the shelf-life and value of your training materials. Most employees aren’t able to access or refer to training materials on the sales floor. Bulky binders and loose leaf pages are easily discarded, lost or ignored once the training session is over. Having a digital database of all your training lessons gives your employees the ability to answer questions and provide recommendations in real-time. If your reference library is mobile, your employees will always have the latest training materials either in the palm of or in the pocket of his/​her hands.

If you answered No’ to any of these questions you might want to consider utilizing a mobile training platform like SellPro. Mobile training is an innovative, efficient and effective way to train, incentivize and communicate with all the members of your sales team. Contact your iQmetrix account manager today show you how to take your team, productivity and profits to new levels.