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Endless Aisle

iQmetrix Endless Aisle is an interactive touchscreen that allows your in-store customers to browse and buy a wide variety of merchandise. This engaging retail solution showcases all of your products whether they are in-stock or not.

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Endless Aisle Interactive Displays
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Virtually extend your shelf space without risk! Customers can browse your complete catalog and view and purchase large or luxury items you don't carry in-store. 

Empower Sales Staff

With many way to implement Endless Aisle into your merchandising strategy, it's the all-knowing sales assist that your team can depend on. Product knowledge is always at their fingertips.

Optimize Retail Space

We know that shelf and peg space is a hot commodity and there is only so much room to spare. Use Endless Aisle to focus on making room for your higher margin items and offer the rest virtually.

iQmetrix Endless Aisle with Dropship

Dropship + Endless Aisle

With this dynamic duo, you'll never miss a sale. Customers browse your full library of physical and virtual inventory on an Endless Aisle interactive touchscreen, add their desired item to their cart, and Dropship ships a not-in-store item right to the customer's door. It's almost too easy!

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What is the difference between Endless Aisle and Dropship?

At iQmetrix we define Endless Aisle as the customer facing, interactive touchscreen showcasing all of your virtual products and specs. Dropship as the shipping integration directly to your vendors while 

How does Endless Aisle work?

Customer browse and shop products in Endless Aisle. If they find something they like they can review their order on the screen or push directly to the POS. There a sales associate can process all in-store and virtual items on one, simple invoice. 

What hardware can I run Endless Aisle on?

Endless Aisle is operating system agnostic therefore you can decide what iOS, Android, or Windows device works for you. Check out this link for a full list of supported hardware.  

Where should I implement Endless Aisle in my stores?

You’ve got options.

  1. At the workstation. You can install a customer facing Endless Aisle tablets right at your current workstations. While customers are waiting for their phone to be repaired they can browse through their accessory options.
  2. Waiting Area. Perhaps you have a comfortable waiting space for customers. Put Endless Aisle screens or tablets in this area giving customers something to do while they wait.
  3. Self-Serve. Install screens mounted directly to your accessory displays or build kiosks within your merchandising, allowing customers to browse virtual products next to items they can see, touch, and feel.

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Using Endless Aisle as a Sales Assist

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