The 3 P's: Pancakes, Programmers & People

By People and Culture Sep 15, 2016

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September has been the month of food in the iQRegina office!

The scent of bacon and pancakes is slowly starting to leave the Regina office after a breakfast feast for International Programmer's Day. To show our appreciation to our staff, we served up some pancakes, bacon and sausage, and invited everyone to enjoy breakfast in the HUB. We had members of every team come over to eat a feast, chat with their co-workers and hang out before their morning began.

We also had iQRegina’s newest addition, baby Carver, come down for a visit. Some of the ladies in Finance put together a baby shower for Karli E and Carver, and everyone enjoyed some snacks while catching up, and having their fair share of holding Carver.

If that wasn’t enough, we also had an office potluck. The potluck was filled with different salads, pastas, desserts, and much more. I think it is safe to say that we will all be loosening our belt buckles a little more than normal after this month!



With iQmetrix being a Software Development company, we couldn’t think of a better excuse to throw a big staff appreciation pancake breakfast in all of our locations! It was great opportunity to thank all of our employees for coming in every day, working so hard, and creating amazing experiences for our clients! It was definitely worth getting up at 5 a.m. to cook 7lbs of bacon for the office ;)!

iQmetrix’s Trish Rempel has started up a lunch hour talk club, iQTalk, which takes place every Wednesday in the lounge. The purpose of the club is to promote knowledge-sharing, collaboration and conversations throughout the office and to provide opportunities to practice communication skills in a low-pressure environment. We are excited to see this evolve overtime, and potentially catch on in the other offices as well!



To show appreciation to all employees on Programmer's Day the Charlotte office feasted on fresh berries and fruit, crispy bacon and hot pancakes right off the griddle. Make shift cooking stations were set up around the lounge to accommodate our most appreciative staff.Unknown-1.jpeg

The Charlotte office volunteered with Our Towns Habitat for Humanity painting a house for a family in need. Though only five employees were able to go, they worked very hard to get the interior of the three bedroom home painted with almost two coats of paint. This group had a few iQNewbies so this was their first time volunteering with iQmetrix and Habitat. We have another group of volunteers going this week to work in another home for a well deserving family. Painting trim this time! We will be excellent painters by the time this is done. Being able to give back to our community is awesome!


In honor of our talented programmer's here at iQ, our Vancouver office celebrated with a pancake breakfast complete with delicious bacon! A little known fact is that September 12 is the 256th day of the year, which in programmer speak is a number that often appears in computer applications. Without programmers we wouldn’t have all the amazing software that makes our lives so much easier and because of that the Russian government declared this day a national holiday.


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