Interactive Retail Retreat & Rainbows

By People and Culture Aug 15, 2016

What's New in the Q?


The Interactive Retail team gathered in Winnipeg on August 4th and 5th to talk about all things Interactive Retail. Previously known as the XQ team, this team is responsible for Endless Aisle, Digital Signage, Dropship, Queuing, as well as the Hub, Platform, and Product Library aspects of those products. 

A group of representatives from design, development, hardware, marketing, sales, launch, and professional services participated. We talked about our suite of products, where we’ve been and where we’re going. There were presentations from each group about their purpose and how they operate. We had some great discussions about our mission, our goals for the next year, and most importantly, how we can work together to get there.

In the coming months, we’ll be expanding on all that we learned together to make this a great year for Interactive Retail!

Our super team included: Amit Bhagat, Ashley Fung, Brett Verot, Chad (Kip) Kipling, Chris Rosney, James Ingold, Joanne Helm, Kathy Chenglath, Kyle Schmitz, Mark Williams, Megan Howse, Meridith Barnes, Nicole Arksey, Peter Heasler, Stacy Hamer, and Yuliya Balikhina.


In honour of Vancouver pride month, our west coast office celebrated with a couple of in-house fundraising events. Our Van iQer’s kicked off with a rainbow sundae bar where employees could indulge in colourful toppings and creamy goodness for a minimum $5 donation. In the following week leading up to pride weekend, we continued our support by wearing colour and throwing a rainbow dessert sale, resulting in some delicious and creative treats. Thanks to our awesome employees and sponsorship team, all proceeds were donated to support Qmunity, a local LGBTQ community centre.



After taking a page out of the iQWinnipeg office, the Regina office hosted our very first paint night. We had 16 iQers from different teams come on over to the HUB and show their artistic talents. Everyone enjoyed wine, laughs, and worked together to create a beautiful painting of a night sky. This wouldn’t have been possible without an instructor of course, so iQ’s very own Michele Wyatt lead the team to painting success, and walked everyone through the process. I think we are on to something here, and with such a positive outcome, it is safe to say that we will be hosting another paint night in the iQRegina office!



In true Charlotte style, we had several wonderfully productive clambakes. The scavenger hunt had the staff racing around the office to find the answers. Breaking into teams, each had to come up with a unique team name then head out to find the answers. The list of items included finding a visitor’s name in the log book to the name of the person in one of the hallway pictures The teams had to work through the list in a specific amount of time. We learned a lot about each other during a one truth one lie clambake. It's amazing what people have done that aren’t lies!  Pictionary was a great time. We had a homemade list of items to draw. Lots of shouting to get the blood flowing early in the morning. Bragging rights hold a lot of clout around the office.



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