WIND Carrier Specific Workshop - Aug 27 in Winnipeg

WIND Carrier Specific Workshop - August 27, 2015 in Vancouver, BC

Who Should Attend: In This interactive workshop will cover and discuss many different areas / core modules of the RQ program. (See below). This session is intended for anyone in your organization that is responsible for or manages any of these.

Dates: Aug 272015

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Vancouver, BC

Cost: $299 per attendee

Facilitator: Kris Rogers and Megan Slinn

RQ Topics covered in this workshop

· Inventory Management and Best Practice

Inventory topics will include: Review and Optimization of Inventory Settings, Auto ordering, Min/​Max setup, Adjustment Tools, Master Lists, Individual SKU settings, Product Library, Specific Inventory Reporting

· Operations, HR and Communications

Operations topics will include: Review and Optimization of Operations Settings, Activity and Opportunity Setup and Best Practice, Communicate internally using RQ, iQmanager, Employee and Location Setup and Management, Security Roles and Employee Scheduling. Employee Commissions, Carrier Price Sheet Setup, Carrier Integration Setup.

· CRM & Marketing

CRM & Marketing topics will include: Review and Optimization of CRM and Marketing Settings, Customer Relationship Management tools and best practice in RQ, Creating and Executing Marketing Campaigns, Additional effective ways to drive repeat customers.

· Fraud Detection & Prevention

We will review the most common fraud scenarios we see on a daily basis within the industry. Topics will include both internal and external fraud, Identifying and preventing these types of fraud within RQ.

· Reporting

Reports topics will include: Review and Optimization of Reporting Settings, Using specific RQ reports to analyze data across various departments, Customizing and Sharing RQ Reports, Business Intelligence, Performance Groups and Milestones setup and best practice in detail.

· Finance Intro

Finance topics will include: Reconciling Carrier Commissions and Chargebacks.

WIND Carrier Specific Topics covered in this workshop

· Carrier Price Sheet 

We will show you best practices for WIND Price sheets. This will include WINDtab, WIND Mobile Tablet, and WIND integration.

· WIND Carrier Commissions Reconciliation 

Learn about the best practices for reconciling in RQ with WIND Commissions.

· Integrated Solutions 

We will cover what options are available for WIND Dealers. 

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