Why You Should Empower Sales Reps to be Educated and Engaged Brand Ambassadors

With the emergence of new technology, it is often assumed that sales associates will be of less importance to retailers. That assumption is inaccurate.

Technology is not replacing sales reps, and brick-and-mortar stores continue to exist. It’s becoming increasingly important to have engaged and adequately educated sales reps. An influx of in-store technology and an increased emphasis on the in-store experience will only be useful if sales staff are given the tools they need to succeed.

There are three main reasons to keep your sales staff engaged and educated.

1. Investment in technology training 

An investment in in-store technology can be quite substantial and if your staff aren’t properly trained it becomes more of a hindrance than a help. I’ve seen sales associates unable to assist a customer using a new store technology on too many occasions. The interest that initially drew that customer in eventually wanes and they exit the store without a purchase. If used correctly, technology can be a valuable asset in the tool belt of sales reps by increasing the sales experience and opportunities to upsell.

2. Creating a great in-store experience

Educated sales reps can provide the best possible experience to customers. For example, if you have an endless aisle solution in your store, well-trained sales reps can engage and guide customers through the browse and purchase process to help them discover the benefits of this new way to shop. By empowering your sales reps you’re also enabling your customers to feel more confident shopping in your store.

3. Employee motivation

It’s true when they say knowledge is empowerment. Having well-trained staff not only makes them knowledgeable about your products but it can also increase confidence in their sales skills. I’ve gone into many stores and received the standard Hi! Is there anything I can help you with today?” greeting. The difference between the awkward silence of a sales rep who doesn’t know the answer to my question versus the informed response of a motivated sales rep is astounding. A motivated sales person can make a big impact on your bottom line. I’ve entered stores with the sole intention of just browsing and walked out with a purchase due to an engaged associate.

In short, sales associates play a fundamental role in the success of any retailer. You could have top-of-the-line in-store technology, but the perfect in-store experience you seek to create will never happen without educated and engaged brand ambassadors.

Motivate store associates to become brand ambassadors by arming them with the right technology solutions. Download our whitepaper titled, Empowering Sales Associates to Become Brand Ambassadors, and learn how technology can assist, rather than replace, associates.