Why You Should Control Digital Signage Across Store Locations

Digital signage needs to be a key part of today’s retail stores. After all, it makes a strong impression: more than half of travelers who see a digital billboard can recall the exact message each time they passed the same billboard again. With digital signage, customers can remember a brand more clearly.

But for digital signage to succeed, the screens should share the same content. Let’s look at the reasons why it’s important to maintain control of digital signage across your store locations.

Creates a consistent message

Consistent content across screens has the clear advantage of reinforcing a brand’s point.

Consider this scenario: Digital signage in one store announces that a new sofa is available for only $800, but the screens at another store claim that the price is actually $950. If the customer visits both stores, they may become confused by the contradiction and choose not to buy the sofa. On the other hand, if a retailer’s digital signage provides the same message, regardless of location, customers are more likely to understand and follow through on the information at whichever store they visit.

Retailer examples: Michelob and Gillette

For the beer brand Michelob, conflicting ads led to decreasing sales. In the 70s and 80s, their changing advertising slogans contradicted each other, ranging from weekends were made for Michelob” to put a little weekend in your week” to the night belongs to Michelob.” Customers couldn’t tell when it was time to enjoy a Michelob beer so over the years, sales dropped from 8.1 million barrels in 1980 to a mere 1.8 million in 1998.

However, consistent messaging — like Gillette’s memorable long-running slogan, The best a man can be” — creates a favorable impression towards a product. While Gillette’s imagery has been updated over time to account for contemporary changes, the underlying message remains the same. As a result, their slogan resonates strongly with the brand’s audience. In the case of digital signage, it’s important that your screens emphasize the same clear content so that customers won’t forget it.

Strengthens the brand story

If a retailer installs a bunch of cool, high-tech digital signage in various locations, one question comes up: what should we say with all this gear? Sure, it’s a great idea to highlight current deals, advertise upcoming store events, and play videos about products, but isn’t there something more companies can do with this technology?

That’s where the brand story comes in. Whatever narrative you’d like to share with customers — why your store is worth returning to, for instance — can be communicated through digital signage. Using a centralized content management platform can be helpful here, as you can ensure the content of your brand story is pushed out to designated store locations, or even all of them. The result? The right message meets the right audience at the right time.

Retailer example: Audi City

The German car company Audi has made creative use of their digital signage in Audi City, a special virtual showroom that features no cars — just sleek screens. It’s available in London, Berlin, Beijing, and Istanbul with more set to open in other international markets. Audi City features large touchscreens that allow customers to view the Audi lineup in detail, while saving thousands of square feet in retail space.

Although there are no cars in the showroom, customers can still go for a test drive; their chosen vehicle is driven to the showroom from a nearby service center, so that patrons can experience the car up close.

Digital signage for today

Retailers can use digital signage to target particular audiences and share the brand story they want to tell. By maintaining control over all your store’s digital screens, you can ensure that the message your customers receive is the one that best aligns with your business.

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Feature Photo: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII / Shutterstock.com