Why Digital Signage Should Be in Your 2018 Merchandising Budget

Considering retail stores are becoming increasingly high-tech, incorporating digital signage into a brand’s visual merchandising mix feels like a natural evolution. But digital signage isn’t just a different way to advertise in stores — it’s a better way to advertise. The right digital signage strategy delivers a healthy return on investment (ROI) by cutting long-term costs and maximizing sales opportunities. Here’s how:

Visual information is more memorable

It is much easier to recall an effective visual several days after seeing it than to recall a specific block of text. In fact, after you hear a piece of information, you will only be able to remember 10% of the message several days later. If you add an image to that information, you are more likely to recall 65% of the message. Visual information has a stronger impact on memory, which means people who visit your store are more likely to remember your brand if you incorporate imagery into your messaging. So, a marketing strategy based on digital signage encourages curious shoppers to become committed customers.

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Humans are visual learners

Most of the information we retain we pick up through visual clues rather than explicit instructions. That is why vibrant colors, dynamic motions, and potent images are so captivating — simply including color can increase comprehension of visuals by as much as 73%. Digital signage is a way to take the fundamental effectiveness of visual marketing and conduct it with much greater freedom and flexibility.

Effective advertising requires flexibility

In-store displays are a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. When those displays are static you are forced to display the same information throughout the day, week, or maybe even longer, or else make a major effort to swap signage out. The dynamic nature of digital signage allows marketers to adapt their images, messaging, and offers based on the day of week or even the time of day, customizing their message to a specific audience.

Digital signage leads to digital data

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Consumers actually stop and watch digital displays — but you don’t have long to engage them. In fact, research shows that you only have four to seven seconds to effectively capture a customer’s attention before they decide to move on. This is why it’s beneficial to combine digital signage with visual recognition software. It allows retailers to track how long people are watching signs and then use the data to identify what actually catches their eye. Digital signage can also be incorporated into interactive displays, which allow retailers to collect data on consumer behaviour and understand their consumers on a deeper level.

Remaining relevant matters in retail

Consumers have more options than ever when choosing to buy something. They also have a greater ability than ever to criticize a brand. A big, red, unbranded sign reading Weekend Sale!” is not as effective at drawing customers in as stunning visuals on digital signage that conveys the specifics of the offer. Humans can attach meaning to a visual in less than 0.15 seconds, so using strong visual branding on digital displays can almost immediately impact customers when they enter a store. If retailers want to remain relevant they should actively try to keep stores interesting, engaging, and up-to-date. Digital signage is a clear way for retailers to assert the value of in-store shopping while delivering a great brand experience.

Digital signage may be an upfront investment, but it delivers great long-term value. The retailers that make the upgrade soon learn how to leverage the flexibility and consumer data digital signage offers for maximum effect. If there was ever a time to add digital signage to your merchandising budget, it’s in 2018.

iQmetrix produces both digital signage and smart solutions for wireless retailers. That makes us uniquely able to integrate digital signage into your holistic retail strategy. Contact iQmetrix if your digital signage needs an upgrade.

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