Why Consumer Research is Key in 2017

How well do you know the modern consumer? What makes them tick? What do they value? Who do they aspire to be?They’re connecting and engaging with brands and retailers, just differently. Knowing the answers to these questions and understanding today’s consumer - their behaviors, their needs - will be key to success for retailers in 2017.

Value in content

Traditional marketing is simply not enough today. Ask yourself, How are you connecting with your customers? What are you doing to build up those relationships? How are you creating and maintaining value for them?

Consumers are resistant and often unresponsive to traditional advertising, but content, information, and knowledge can go a long way. They’re looking for tools to help enhance or make life easier. Addressing unmet needs in the marketplace and creating content and a community around that, could be just the thing to keep your brand top of mind and keep consumers coming back for more.

Tip: Make use of a digital signage solution to not only bring your advertising up to date but also to create the kind of informative and visually stunning campaigns that consumers respond to. 

Social butterflies

Social media marketing isn’t a new idea, but with the number of social media users continuing to grow in 2017, you should consider how it is included in your promotional plan. It won’t be as simple as connecting and going through the motions. Brands are going to have to be clever and creative with their campaigns to stand out.

Engage with friends, not customers, and open the floor for dialog. If you need information, ask them. They’ll appreciate this, and you’re likely to get some valuable insights.

Tip: Use a centralized content management system to ensure that your campaigns are consistent across all channels. Don’t create social media exclusive campaigns. Consumers are channel blind, and we guarantee they will want to be able to access your spring shoe sale online and in-store. 

Consumers who care

Just as reaching consumers today is not what it used to be, once you do, how are you standing out in a loud crowd? What makes your brand authentic?

The lowest price isn’t going to win over today’s consumers. They’re looking for a deeper connection. They care about more than just the exchange of money for goods. They are mindful and consider the impact you, your brand and their transaction has on the environment. They’re invested in the community around them and if your relationship does well for others, bonus! Retailers today are starting to get creative with programs to connect at this level with consumers whether it be recycling programs, give back campaigns, etc.

It’s not as simple as just being where your customer is, you must understand them and connect with them on a more intimate level. We’re not suggesting you stalk your customers, but investing time and effort into getting to know them will always give you an edge up on your competition. Consumer research is essential to your success. 

Tip: When implementing a corporate social responsibility strategy, ensure that you take a customer-centric approach. Involve and engage your customers in the purpose you stand for or the cause that you choose to support.

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