Who Will You Meet at the Meetup?

August is here! Why am I so excited you ask? Well, it brings with it International Beer Day, Friendship Day, and International Hangover Day; so please, through August 46th, grab a cold beer, celebrate your friendships, and then help one another through your impending hangovers. But that’s not the only reason I’m excited about August. August also means the highly anticipated iQmetrix Meetup is only one month away! 

With that in mind, I wanted to shed some light on which of our esteemed partners will be in attendance at the 2017 iQmetrix Meetup.

Optimize Your Business

We have partners attending that are going to help you optimize all facets of your business:

Each partner in attendance has specialized knowledge and they are eager to pass their expertise onto you.

How Can You Take Full Advantage?

Great question! Networking is designed to happen in a very organic way at the iQmetrix Meetup as we’ll have the partners spread throughout various areas of the event and specific tracks set up that will surely optimize your experience. However, I do urge you to keep an eye out in the very near future for emails outlining how you can book a meeting with each partner in attendance. (If you’re not signed up for our emails, get on the list by emailing us at events@​iQmetrix.​com!) These meetings are going to be instrumental in your ability to get some one-on-one time with the partners. It’s through these meetings that you’ll be able to gain an even deeper understanding of how their product will help benefit your business. Strategically placed throughout our tracks, we also have partners providing thought provoking, industry specific presentations. You’ll also have plenty of casual networking opportunities throughout the day and into the evening festivities at the iQmetrix Meetup.

It’s our goal to bring you an informative, meaningful event that will help you grow your business. But don’t take my word for it. Check out our agenda and if you’re not satisfied with it, I’ll be in Scottsdale, Arizona from September 1719th where I’ll be more than happy to discuss your concerns.