What to Consider When Choosing a POS

When you’re able to take the plunge and choose a POS for your cell phone or repair store, there are a few things you should think about. You want a full, robust, and dependable software that will help with all the problems you encounter and that has all the functionalities your unique business needs to succeed.

It’s not just about the point of sale — the ringing up of merchandise — it’s what goes into the setup of your new software, the things that happen in the background to make any sale a seamless experience, and what data is collected for after the sale is complete and the customer is happy. Keeping these things in mind, here are a few key areas to consider when choosing what you want in in a POS or, even better, a retail management solution.

1. Easy Sales Flow

Does the POS have an easy sales flow that is simple for employees to follow? What does that setup look like on the back end? Are you able to take the guesswork out for employees by having fields that auto-fill in the shopping cart based off products chosen? A great POS should be able to set up a flow that automatically suggests add-on features for employees during a sale. This helps in up-selling and allows customers to easily see which products and accessories are complementary to their new or newly repaired device. Having an easy sales flow process means employees are able to focus more on the customer and their experience in your store. Customization in the system setup is a must for your new POS.

2. Inventory Management

Having a POS that allows for inventory count, auto serialization, purchase order, transfer and RMA process means the ability to see products in all stages. Not having to use multiple systems to manage inventory gives you the ability to see where a product is at any time and ensure all profit margins are correct — all from one place.

3. Cross Multiple Locations

A system that gives you the ability to view all locations is a must. This sort of visibility helps you with tasks such as transferring inventory, scheduling employees at across all of your different locations, and lets you see how your organization is doing as individual locations and as a whole. POS systems that do not allow for multiple locations in one database only hinder the growth of a company.

4. CRM and HR Capabilities

Take away the scheduling headache. Being able to schedule employees right in the POS system means that they are able to see their timesheets and start making sales all from the same place. No need to remember multiple systems and multiple logins! A centralized CRM and POS mean employees only have to be familiar with one management process. In conjunction with that is the CRM, having all customer information in the POS means you can accurately track customers interactions with your store and easily see history during a sale.

5. Repair Tracking

The repair industry is growing; it’s a $4 billion industry and it’s only going to get bigger with the growing device usage and the higher price of wireless devices. If you haven’t started thinking about adding repair services to your list of offerings, now is the time. You need a POS that goes above and beyond sales and refunds. Consider a point of sale the easily streamlines the ability to offer repair services. This seamless functionality makes the transition from repair to sale as simple as can be. One system means things don’t get lost and the transaction is lighting fast. Your employees and your customers will thank you.

6. It’s the Little Things

Add-ons can take your new POS from great to amazing. The addition of a marketing module, call-back setup, or access to integrated partners can only enhance the success of your business and it makes things easy for you and your staff. Keep an eye out for the extras when transitioning to a new POS; they can make all the difference.

All in all, when looking for a POS the functionality for facilitating sales is just the beginning. You need to think big on what else it can offer to help your employees feel confident as product experts, help with creating positive and helpful customer interactions, have a customized setup, and make your life easier by being in one place.

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Shutterstock / Simon Kudala