What Are You Doing With Your Customer Lifecycle Data?

Most companies can identify their customer’s lifecycles yet struggle to execute marketing strategies around customer lifecycles.

It is well documented that there are times in consumers lives where there is a greater propensity to buy than not. Are you doing all you can to capitalize on those moments?

Find a scalable solution

Most can agree that engaging with consumers at those points in time is very desirable but many are left searching for a robust scalable solution. As a busy business owner, it’s challenging to send personalized and timely communication to all of your clients. Platforms exist such as Chatterspot which automate customer contacts for all types of media channels.

Communicate in channels where customers are

When looking for a platform ensure that you find one that is communicating in channels where your customers are. Finding a platform that can communicate in many channels like SMS/MMS, social media, email and direct mail is very important. Your customers consume multiple media types; ensure you are communicating where they are. Utilizing such a platform provides an offering that enables a business owner to build robust lifecycle communication with each customer in a matter of minutes.

A platform for the entire organization

A platform which enables businesses to build and automate actionable lifecycles should not be a platform that only the marketing teams utilize. Such a platform will drive data that can be acted upon throughout the entire organization. For example, understanding in detail customer lifecycle the supply chain team can more effectively forecast demand and aid in their decisions with inventory management.

The sales team can know when to more appropriately time their upsell conversations, and so it goes throughout the entire organization. Knowing the customer lifecycle and building actionable customer databases should be a company-wide philosophy. This philosophy should trickle down into each department, ultimately driving more revenue for an organization. What are you doing with your customer lifecycle data?

*TEGA Technologies is the creator of Chatterspot, a market leading marketing automation platform.