[Vlog] Meet the RQ Bootcamp Experts

RQ’s functionality is custom-made for your wireless business and RQ Bootcamp is the tailor-made training to make sure you and your team are making the most of your POS!

These iQmetrix specialists are your keys to unlocking all of RQ’s growth potential. With targeted sessions in reporting, inventory, operations, and finance, the RQ Bootcamp is your all-in-one in-depth course to harnessing everything that RQ has to offer.

It’s the content that makes this event a must-attend for anyone looking to stay a step ahead of their competition, and here are the experts who have all the good stuff.

With the RQ Bootcamp just under one month away, now is your chance to master your POS that’s so much more. Our special RQ Bootcamp + Meetup promotion ends March 9th, so secure your spot today!