[Video] Meeting Customer Expectations with Dropship In-Store

When it comes to their time in your retail store, customers have specific expectations that can make or break their shopping experience. Each time consumers encounter something that ups the ante, creating a great experience during their path to purchase, their expectations increase and as a retailer, you are now held to an even higher standard. 

The merging of online and in-store shopping has created a demand for omnichannel retail like never before. While shoppers are looking for a product or service, it’s more than that; the combination of digital and physical retail should fulfill not only what a customer wants, but also satisfy what they perceive to be their ideal shopping process. 

Learn more by watching Omnichannel Marketing Manager, Megan Howse explains her experience with omnichannel as a consumer, and how drop ship services can make all the difference when meeting customer expectations in-store. 

Want to learn more? See for yourself how RQ’s integration with the fulfillment solution, Dropship, helps you satisfy every customer and create that great experience that makes them come back to shop for more.