[Video] Day 1 at NRF 2017: Here’s What Went Down

As the second day of NRF Retail’s Big Show kicks off Day 1 may already seem like a distant blur. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by our amazing, double-decker booth yesterday, we shot some footage to fill you in on what you missed. 

While our booth may look cool, what you can experience inside is even better.

Samsung_EA_NB.pngEndless Aisle - See how Samsung and their retail partners are using iQmetrix Endless Aisle to make sure their customers get every item they want. 

POS-Test-v2.pngPOS - iQmetrix POS is designed to help you simplify your workflow to enable streamlined core operations and put valuable metrics to use for better decision making.

Metrics4.pngMetrics - Our visual data analytics gathers data from your POS, Endless Aisle and other in-store and online solutions to paint a clear picture of what’s happening in your retail operations.

VR3.pngVR + Endless Aisle - Through the use of iQmetrix Endless Aisle, 360 video and Samsung Gear VR, you can tour a variety of experiences including a surf shop complete with a virtual reality demo that allows consumers to test out surfboards, and a separate experience with the ability to sit in and customize a car.

rest-your-brain-1.pngBrain Fuel - Skip the long line at Starbucks in the morning. We’ve got you morning kick covered with free coffee and donuts. (Rumor has it the coffee turns into beer and wine in the afternoon…) 

Don’t despair or let yourself fall into a nasty case of F.O.M.O. if you missed out yesterday, there’s still plenty of time to experience it all for yourself! Stop by booth #4323 or email us at events@​iQmetrix.​com to schedule a tour. Better yet, join us today from 3-5 p.m. for our rooftop booth party.