[Video] 5 Ways to Succeed in the Growing Cell Phone Repair Segment

The cell phone repair segment is expanding at a growth rate of 5.5% through 2017 according to the IBIS world report and will only continue to grow in the next few years. With the constant growth comes more and more competitors in the segment. So, as a retailer, you need to be ready for increased market saturation by looking into changes you can make to your current POS, or what a new POS system would need, that would give you an edge on your toughest competitors. Here are 5 areas to that you should consider:

Centralized Repair Tracking and Diagnostics:

A manual process to track a repair from start to finish is time-consuming and error-prone. Having an automated system will not only help to speed up this process and reduce help to reduce the number of errors, but it will allow you to customize the workflow and add in additional fields and areas to suit your business needs. Also, having the latest integrated diagnostic tool in-store ensures that a phone is being accessed fully and properly, before and after the repair. This creates a better experience for the customer, reassuring them of what needs to be fixed and that the repair was fulfilled. 

Cross-Selling and Upselling Tools:

Upgrades and add-ons, such as accessories, will improve your bottom line. Having a system that offers endless aisle and drop ship functionality allows you to do this more seamlessly with an all-in-one system. But don’t stop there! Having a buyback program to your customers, either in-house or through an integrated partner, is another avenue for increasing your bottom line.

Optimizing Supply Chain Operations with
Partner Integrations:

With fully stocked inventory being the backbone in the cell phone repair business, having a system that tracks this effectively and offers a VMI (vendor managed inventory) option will help to speed up the ordering process, reduce errors, and help with forecasting. And don’t forget; you need the ability to see inventory across all levels for proper stock balancing.

Real-Time Reporting:

Having reports in real time and with easy-to-view formats helps employees to be more engaged in their jobs, ensuring a better customer experience and leads to better reviews and loyal customers. Having in-depth reporting that is real time helps to make better company decisions including when to add or eliminate offerings, how to staff a store for peak hours, and more! Having a system that has these reporting capabilities built in means you can spend your time making decisions, not trying to sort through information to make reports.

Facilitating Your Online Presence: 

Think about it; the first thing a potential customer does when they break their phone looks to their online search to help them find the repair shop closes to them. Having a website that shows basic store information (at least) including locations, phone number, store hours and what repair services you offer, is a must. But another way to stay competitive in your online presence is to offer online appointments scheduling. It’s key to have a system that not only allows this process but also integrates the e-commerce with your POS, ensuring employees can see the appointments so that nothing gets lost. You can have the right number of staff for peak business and appointment hours, delighting customers with unparalleled customer service.

The cell phone repair segment is growing and increasing competition shows no signs of stopping. We have discussed 5 areas to think about with your current POS or if you’re in the market for a new one so that you can stay one step ahead of all the new repair shops popping up.

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