Using Technology to Fulfill Consumer Expecations

Recent trends show some retailers thriving, and others filing … for bankruptcy. Though it’s easy to say you need to listen to customers, diversify, follow trends, take risks, etc.” it is more difficult to begin this process with so many options.

Customers can be selfish, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore their demands or comments. The customer isn’t always right, but they’re also not always wrong. Their concerns come from their experiences. We know it’s not realistic to cater to every need or develop incredible flagship stores with all the bells and whistles. But that doesn’t mean you can carry on business as usual.’ So let’s meet in the middle and see what we can do to help adjust their experiences to their standards, but within the confines of budget and expectations. 

So out of all the requests from customers, which ones are important? Which ones can/​should I actually do now?

After reading results from The 2016 consumer expectations survey, let’s start with how customers want to shop’ before actually shopping. There are multiple research methods people use, but the most popular is (surprise) via digital means… AKA lying in bed with an iPad or your phone. People are generally tech savvy, and if not, can learn quickly (by using the Google or calling their children/​friends). Having a digital online option is key to get the ball moving and moving them to the next phase of stepping into your store to try on a piece, or see colors in person.

And when they do step into your store, they want a fast and pleasant shopping experience built on these three key points:

  1. Good Selection (67%)
  2. Quickly find what they came for (61%)
  3. Helpful service (44%)

Meeting Expectations with Endless Aisle

These three points can be achieved quickly with Endless Aisle. The actual station can be easy to find (but not take up lots of space) with a menu that is easy to use, and uploaded with your products or services. Add on the ability to set up a fast check out, and you’ve just made someone’s entire in-store experience fast and easy; nailing 3 of the top customer expectations.

Having trained staff nearby, and accessible for questions or issues can make this top notch. The 2016 consumer expectations survey showed half of those asked are definitely okay with a digital option over someone helping them shop. That being said, a well-trained physical staff is still important, just that other options will not turn customers off (when done right of course).

McDonalds successful launch of digital order pods have shown that an easily accessed digital option can work.

Deliver on consumer expectations. Learn more about our Endless Aisle solution below.