Top 5 Reasons iQmetrix Should Be Your Go-To Wireless POS Software

Your retail POS system is the central hub for your business and the heartbeat of transactions, so choosing a new POS system can be a very daunting task. It’s intimidating and overwhelming to implement new technology — two reasons why retailers often avoid it at all costs. But what about the risk that comes with having the wrong tools or system in place? That thought should be just as scary. Without the right POS, you run the risk of missing the opportunity to grow your business quickly or at all.

Let me make your POS decision an easy one and tell you why iQmetrix and RQ should be your go-to for cell phone store POS software.

  1. Robust Reporting Capabilities

With your customers’ data at your fingertips, make informed decisions and watch your business grow. Using the many canned reports within RQ, customize your own dashboards to be delivered straight to your inbox or utilize Business Intelligence to massage your data for whatever your needs are.

  1. Fully Managed Inventory

Put your inventory on auto-pilot. With a detailed view of one location or a bird’s eye view of many, our inventory management functionality allows you to control stock across your entire company. Enhanced visibility into serialized and non-serialized products, transferring stock to balance inventory, and auto-ordering capabilities are just a few reasons why inventory management in RQ is one of the best.

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  1. Comprehensive Modules

The right POS system for your business should not only enable you to process daily transactions but allow you to achieve success as a retailer with the right tools to streamline business processes. RQ includes the building blocks to support marketing initiatives and so much more, and our brand-new Service & Repair functionality taking the industry by storm.

  1. Extensive Ecosystem

What can really take a POS to the next level are the integration and add-on opportunities available with the system. At iQmetrix, we support the omnichannel experience every retail wants to accomplish, providing services such as mobile POS, Endless Aisle and Dropship, eCommerce, and even Payments. To top it all off, our widespread partner network with industry-leading solution providers bridges that final gap to give you with the tools you need to successfully run a wireless retail business.

  1. We Are Wireless

Beyond our products being designed specifically for wireless retailers, our team comes with extensive knowledge of the wireless industry. Starting out as a wireless dealer ourselves, we identified the need for a better, more comprehensive POS system for the industry. From Training and Launch Specialists and Client Management to Support and Professional Services, our people are truly here for you as a partner to your business and to help you transition from new client to a seasoned one.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out everything iQmetrix has to offer from our POS and retail management system — powering over 19,000 locations today — to our cutting-edge solutions bridging the customer experience gap.

Shutterstock / Simon Kadula, Monkey Business Images