Top 20 Retail Influencers You Must Follow

Convergence, omnichannel, and clicks to bricks are just a few terms you’ve likely heard about over the past few years. If you’re a retailer, or you love our blog, you’ve probably read about these topics. 

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the ever-changing retail environment. New trends are popping up every day and, with that, comes new buzzwords and terminology you must understand to succeed as a retailer. 

How does one stay on top of trends and insights coming out of retail? We compiled a list of the who’s who” of retail insights. The curated group of influencers includes 20 of our old favorites and fresh finds. 

If you’re not following these guys for the latest in retail news, reports, and strategies, we highly recommend you start. 

Cate Trotter | (@InsiderTrends)

With a focus on unveiling the latest in retail technology, Cate and Insider Trends help retailers discover the latest retail trends before your competitors.

Doug Stephens | (@RetailProphet)

Doug Stephens, the founder of Retail Prophet, is a long-time favorite of ours. A highly sought-after speaker, author, columnist, and radio host, Doug is a top futurist in the retail industry. Looking to overhaul your in-store strategy? Doug has an incredible ability to forecast industry trends and provides unique insight into fixing the in-store experience. Fun fact: we were lucky enough to have him speak at a past iQmetrix Retail Summit.

Adrian Cotterill | (@DailyDOOH)

As Editor-in-Chief of DailyDOOH, Adrian Cotterill provides the latest news in Digital Out of Home, which includes everything in digital media used for marketing purposes outside of the home.

Shep Hyken | (@Hyken)

At iQmetrix, we strive to create great experiences, and that shared value makes Shep Hyken right up our alley. Shep is a New York Times best-selling author and Customer Service and Experience Expert, who helps companies deliver AMAZING customer service experiences. 

Bob Phibbs | (@TheRetailDoctor)
The Doctor is in. A professional speaker on retail sales, training, and marketing, Bob provides insight and tips for curing what is ailing retailers as it relates to attracting, closing and delighting customers. 

Flavio Martins | (@flavmartins)

A self-proclaimed disciple of customer service, Flavio’s focus on customer service and customer experience aligns with our passion for delighting the end consumer. 

Joe Skorupa | (@JoeSkorupa)

As the Editorial Director and Retail Technology Blogger at RIS News, Joe brings you industry expertise ranging from store systems and analytics to digital commerce and customer engagement. Follow Joe for your retail fuel.

Steve Dennis | (@StevenPDennis)

Steve, a retail strategy and innovation consultant, brings his retail experience as a former executive at Neiman Marcus and Sears to Twitter, sharing insight on all things retail.

Nikki Baird | (@nikkibaird)

A retail technology maven with RSR Research, Nikki focuses on the analytics of retail. To quote RSR, Retail is in our blood. Since 2007, we’ve built a reputation of delivering insights with candor and honesty that help retailers and solution providers find greater success.”

Sucharita Mulpuru | (@smulpuru)

Sucharita has a depth of knowledge in retail from her former days asa a retailer and a Forrester Research retail analyst. Sucharita shares everything relating to her specialties in marketing, e-commerce, business development, startup, and retail experience including store operations and merchandising.

Bryan Eisenberg | (@TheGrok)

Alright, to be fair this one is cheating. Less of a retail guru, more of a marketing guru, and personal favorite of mine, Bryan focuses on online marketing and building a better business for brands through compelling content and online conversion. 

Deborah Weinswig | (@debweinswig)

Managing Director @FungRetailTech, retail rech guru, and an expert in fashion and real estate, Deborah shares retail news as it happens while providing analysis and thought leadership in retail, technology, and fashion.

Chuck Palmer | (@cxChuck)

The principle strategist at ConsumerX, Chuck is a retail and consumer behavior expert who focuses on how consumer behavior impacts retail strategy both in offline retail and digital merchandising. 

Anil D. Aggarwal | (@anildaggarwal)

The Founder and Chairman of @Shoptalk, Anil shares information on the rapid evolution of how consumers discover, shop, and buy — from new technologies and business models to the latest trends in consumer behaviors, preferences, and expectations.

Neil Saunders | (@NeilRetail)

Neil is the Managing Director of GlobalData Retail. He analyzes and shares his insights on everything retail, from shopping, trends, and retail technologies, to consumer behavior.

Ramon Ray | (@ramonray)

The Publisher and Executive Editor of Smart Hustle Magazine, Ramon focuses on small business. Ramon shares the challenges, celebrates the successes and chronicles the hustle of today’s small business entrepreneur.”

Nicole Reyhle | (@RetailMinded)

Founder of Retail Minded, a trusted resource for independent retailers and other small business owners, Nicole speaks directly to independent retailers – delivering applicable solutions and news to support retailers both in and out of their stores.

Nick Bubb | (@NickBubb1)

The legendary retail guru and author of The Daily Retailer utilizes social media as a platform to share his insights on everything going on in the retail world. 

Kevin Baggs | (@execgeek)

Principle at Independent Consulting, Kevin is an expert in omnichannel retail, e-commerce and customer service.

DaveKillebrew | (@DaveKillebrew)

Dave has over 25 years of experience in retail, e-commerce, and social media. He has a passion for building businesses to succeed and shares his thoughts and insights on retail, omnichannel, and e-commerce trends. 

Do you have a favorite retail influencer that’s not on our list? Share their handle in the comments below. 

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