To Digital Signage… And Beyond! The Future of Digital In-Store

According to the recent Digital Signage Future Trends 2017 report from Retail Customer Experience, only 40% of retailers have deployed digital signage in their companies, and only 39% of those have to all locations. However, 54% of respondents plan to deploy within the next year.

It appears many retailers plan on increasing their digital display budgets as well. Key reasons retailers are finally investing in this digital merchandising step?

  • Stay cutting edge with technology. I’ve talked to so many retailers who are still mailing out DVDs or USB sticks with media on them. Or paying astronomical amounts for printed signage and window adhesives. Today’s shopper expects more to fall in love with your brand.
  • Increased brand awareness. Digital content strategies have become so important for retailers, and yet so many times these great assets brands are paying a lot to produce go under-utilized. Help shoppers fall in love with your brand by showing them lifestyle content they relate to.
  • Increase sales. So many times new product launches or promotions go under communicated in-store. Even if it’s a last minute idea to turn inventory quickly, you can easily update digital merchandising at little to no cost and show your customer significant value.
  • Digital consistency across channels. It’s often really easy to have certain content online or on social media but so often you go into a store and it feels like a different brand. Represent the information your shoppers have researched online in-store to ensure you’re meeting expectations.

But what’s going to happen with the future of Digital Signage? There has to be more to it than just a slide show! Oh, there is.


Personalization is the latest omnichannel hot topic. Leverage signage to increase personalization with things like beacons, mobile interactivity, social networking and even customer recognition.


Digital Signage doesn’t need to be brand awareness only. Add additional value to your investment in hardware by utilizing software that can provide both video and touchscreen, endless aisle technologies. Soon a lot of this interactivity may even be gesture based.


Nothing draws a crowd like an existing crowd. And what millennial doesn’t love to share a unique and exciting experience? Create an experience people want to share with 360-degree content and virtual or augmented reality. Submerse your customers into the life of your products and brand.

Employee Visualization

We often think of a digital strategy as only customer facing. Be sure to consider whether there is more you can add to your employee experience as well. Things like visual reporting, company announcements, employee reminders and recognition.

Excited about introducing a digital strategy to your company but not sure where to begin?

  1. Software Solution. Ensure you work with a partner that can network your screens so content and devices can be managed centrally.
  2. Determine Your Content Strategy. Will content be created in-house, outsourced, or a combination? Does your software provider offer a content library and content management solution?
  3. Hardware Needs. Where will your displays be located in your store layouts? What is your customer traffic flow? Determine locations, size and then screens and media players that work within your space.
  4. Install and Sell! Work with your hardware and software providers to ensure a seamless install and then watch your sales take new heights.

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