The RQ Bootcamp Resource Library: Your All-Access Pass to All Things RQ

The first-ever 2018 RQ Bootcamp came to be when we realized there was a need for an intensive, in-depth RQ training. Held just over a week ago in Scottsdale, Arizona, this event was different from any we’ve hosted before! The content was not conceptual, but rather tactical items attendees could take home and implement immediately. We focused on four key areas of business that come together and allow wireless retailers to facilitate growth. 

RQ is a comprehensive, robust retail management system, capable of many tasks and functions to help your business thrive. When implementing a new technology or adapting to updates in your current POS, prosperity doesn’t just happen at the flick of a switch. But don’t worry! When navigating RQ, our team of product training specialists is committed to providing unparalleled education and support to ensure your transition is as smooth as can be. And while there are a lot of functions and features to master, we’re not concerned. The beauty of your POS success is in the details!

So, what makes a wireless retailer successful with their POS system? The first step towards achieving growth would be ensuring that all staff are confident utilizing the POS software throughout their day-to-day activities; iQmetrix is here to help our customers in doing just that. Our goal is to enable your staff to unleash their true selling potential by providing intuitive software to support them.

At iQmetrix, we strive to create great experiences for our clients, their businesses, and their customers. By ensuring clients and their associates know how to use our products and solutions to their full potential, and the customers they serve enjoy their retail interactions, we are one step closer to accomplishing that goal.

For more information on how iQmetrix can help your business become more successful with our suite of products, get in touch with our training team. And if you’re wanting an all-access pass to all the content from the RQ Bootcamp, you’re in luck! We’ve created a Resource Library with everything you need to master RQ.