The Perk of Virtual Lines for Those on The Daily Grind

Calling all coffee lovers. How long would you wait for your caffeine fix when at your favorite coffee shop?

Depending on the order, the amount of people in line and the time of day you could be waiting for your daily cup of joe for quite some time. However, because of seemingly complicated orders, including sizes, different milk varieties and healthier choices, many shops have decided to go down a more personalized route and just ask for your name. This process works perfectly if the cashier is able to correctly hear and write down the customer’s name.

Due to loud coffee bean grinding machines and espresso makers, often the cashier has to lean over the counter to the customer to get them to repeat their name and phonetically help them spell it out. It’s already difficult when there is a crowd of people all waiting for multiple beverages surrounding a small counter; add in a misspelled or mispronounced name and you could be waiting for a while. With perishable goods that can either lose their heat or melt too quickly, it’s important to make sure your customer receives the drinks right after they’re finished off with that last dollop of whipped cream.

This is where technology and wait times can meet by using queuing, a virtual ticket-taker solution.

A few fast food retailers have already applied queuing technology to create a virtual line. It allows customers waiting for their order the option of checking a screen that lists their ticket number” that has been printed on their receipt.

Coffee shops could utilize this service and still allow for that personal touch. It could be as simple as having a pad where people type their name and then they take a seat and wait for their name to appear on a screen. It could also tie into their loyalty rewards program by simply having their customer scan their card to identify them on the queuing screen. Coffee shops could even take advantage of down time on the screen and showcase their new and seasonal products.

In an industry that is highly saturated with competition, it’s crucial to be able to determine analytics around customer wait times. By utilizing a queuing software your company can determine on average how long people are waiting which in turn tells you that you should be staffed more during peak times. It will also help to reduce the bottleneck that occurs frequently around the coffee pick up area and will allow for customers to receive their cup of coffee as hot as it was intended!

Interested in creating a virtual line to create a more efficient experience for your customers? Learn about our Queuing solution below.