The Mobile Of It All This Holiday Season

There are now more mobile devices on the planet than people! With an estimated count of mobile devices at nearly 10 billion and roughly 7.5 billion humans, we are now outnumbered by our devices.

Considering over 80% of us are mobile users using approximately 1.8 devices each, that can have a huge impact on your business. 

We know shoppers this holiday season will be mobile. The numbers above attest to that and they will be expecting a similar mobile experience in-store. Anything less and you risk customers looking elsewhere to fulfill their busy holiday shopping.

Utilizing a mobile POS solution to help your sales team will ultimately enhance your customer experience this holiday season. 

Get personal

With more confidence than ever before, sales staff can be available to customers and engage with them earlier, anywhere in the store. With your CRM in hand, offer suggestions personalized to each customer, based on their previous history with your company and other details you already know and therefore won’t need to ask again. Not only will this create a great experience for that customer, but it will inspire customer loyalty.

Increase sales

The opportunity to upsell just got easier. With your cash registers tethered to sales staff rather than the other way around, they are able to show-off additional, complimentary items during checkout, providing a personalized service that won’t be easy to forget. In addition to upselling, sales staff also have the opportunity to manage multiple customers at one time, cutting wait time and preventing walk outs.

Checkout fast

Combat that dreadful checkout line and have your customers skip the line altogether. Mobile POS allows for you to better manage the flow of customers and check them out anywhere in-store, likely right at the point of decision. This will ease the path to purchase especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season when options are near endless and time is valued.

There’s no time to wait… Unchain your sales staff from the cash register this holiday season and release them onto the sales floor.

To learn more about how technology can help you meet mobile expectations and assist your sales associates, download the below whitepaper titled, Empowering Sales Associates to Become Brand Ambassadors’.