The Ideal Merchandising Strategy According to Psychology

You’ve probably heard the saying presentation is everything”. At iQmetrix, we tend to agree: the way a place or product looks can have a huge impact on how we feel about it. This holds true for brick-and-mortar store locations. A wireless retailer’s store environment can have a profound affect on how customers perceive a brand and their likelihood to make a purchase — and visual merchandising plays a big part in creating the right atmosphere to drive sales and gain customer loyalty.

Consumer psychology has a lot to reveal about the ideal retail environment. Stores that are easy to navigate, appealing, and accommodating will actively encourage larger purchases, while stores that are confusing or poorly laid out will usually fail to maximize their sales potential. If you’re designing a visual merchandising strategy for your wireless store, consider drawing on shopper psychology to optimize the in-store environment and impress customers at every touchpoint.

Make the right first impression

Consumers first begin to understand your store and brand the minute they step through the front door — which is why the area right inside the front door needs to accurately reflect your company’s intended image. Your store should immediately express the quality of your brand — the space should be tidy and organized, and there should always be an in-store customer service staff within sight of the entrance. Studies have shown that shoppers’ attention spans keep getting shorter — on average, our brains stop processing information effectively after 15 to 20 minutes of shopping. Be sure to keep this in mind and use the front of the store to advertise for any special promotions.

Direct the flow counter-clockwise

Studies have shown that consumers naturally prefer to move to the right after entering a store. In order to provide customers with enjoyable in-store experiences, try designing your store with a counter-clockwise orientation. For example, consider using digital signage to direct customers’ attention to the right side of the store upon entry. Be sure to place your newest or most impressive phone models, product promotions, or plan information on this side of the store, so that customers will notice them first. Ideally, your customers will find what they’re looking for before completing a full tour of the store, highlighting the efficiency of your customer service.

Create enough space

It’s tempting to fill up a wireless store with as many products, accessories, and displays as possible. But research has shown that being bombarded with too many options can stall customers’ decision process and reduce the amount of sales. Retailers who want to provide a cleaner, less chaotic in-store experience should turn to solutions like interactive touchscreens that allow customers to browse through your full product offerings. This way, you can use your floorspace to highlight your newest items, while giving customers the product information they need to make a successful purchase.

Dictate the pace of the shopping experience

Retailers must strike a balance between educating and supporting the needs of customers while also guiding them through the purchasing process. Finding the right pace is essential, as up to 62% of consumers continue to shop in-store because they enjoy the ability to see, touch, and try things before they buy. The retail store should have a natural circular flow that is broken up with speed bumps” that grab attention and hold focus. If and when a consumer decides to buy they should feel like they have seen everything available and made the wisest choice possible. A comprehensive POS system like RQ cell phone store POS enables mobile sales and lets associates capitalize on in-store opportunities whenever and wherever they appear. Be sure to make the payment process as seamless as possible. If it’s a pleasurable experience to shop in store, consumers remain loyal to your company above other wireless retailers.

The ideal merchandising set-up can help influence your customers’ purchasing decisions while providing a positive in-store experience. By appealing to what customers naturally like, you can optimize your visual merchandising tactics to drive sales and customer loyalty.

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