The Future is Mobile: How to Get Your In-Store Strategy in Line

Carriers are expecting the in-store experience to go completely mobile but it’s not as simple as plunking iPads in your store and having people use them. Start by recognizing the in-store hurdles you have today, then identify how mobile solutions can help you combat them and make a positive change to the retail experience for both your consumers and your employees.

Five common problems we see in-store (and the mobile solutions to solve them) are:

1. Inventory Count Chaos

Unchain your inventory processes and enable your staff to perform counts on a mobile device either in the back room or on the show floor all the while keeping associates available to customers.

2. Product Clutter

Is cleaning up your store space while offering more products to your customers possible? Yes! Adding a virtual shelf, such as Endless Aisle, and Dropship solutions allows you to do just that.

3. Long Wait Times

Greeting your customers into a comfortable environment can have a big impact on the amount of time they’re willing to wait. Setting up self-assist Endless Aisle screens and arming sales reps with RQmobile to get the transaction started as soon as possible can prevent the dreaded walkout.

4. Store Lurkers

Don’t let customers who are simply in-store to pay their bills wait around and distract other shoppers. Mobile solutions such as RQmobile has Bill Pay capabilities to get these customers on their way quickly.

5. The Busy Season

The next busy season’ is always around the corner so having a strategy in place to get customers in and out fast is essential. Hint… quick sales happen with a mobile POS.

6. The Connected Consumer

The customer journey starts long before they walk into your store. Providing the information they need on a mobile-friendly website or consumer app keeps their experience with you consistent, from start to finish.

Your customers are not becoming less demanding and your competitive landscape is not becoming less fierce. Going mobile is a given, but make sure you aren’t getting distracted by the latest technology. Take a moment and identify the actual problems your store is facing and add the technology or solutions to solve them. Once you have your complete mobile strategy identified, keep it top of mind with your store staff as their engagement will be key to your success.

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