The 4 Types of People You’ll See at Every Conference

Conferences can be fun, stressful, jam packed with information, and overwhelming. With the 100s, if not 1,000s, of attendees you’ll see at conferences, here are 4 types of people you’re guaranteed to meet!

1. The Student

You’ll recognize this attendee as the one who is constantly taking notes, brochures, and asking questions. They’ll be the ones who have planned each day of the conference as soon as the session content is released. Their main goal is to absorb as much information as possible.

The biggest challenge for the student is figuring out how to be in two places at once. After all, how can they possibly choose only one session when there are three tracks going on at the same time!

2. The Seller

Generally found in their booth space in the exhibit hall, the seller’s main purpose is to sell their product/​service to as many people as possible. You’ll find them either chatting up potential customers, rapidly inputting contact information into their lead retrieval devices, or setting up a follow-up meeting over drinks.

3. The Networker

Ah, the networker. Networking is a huge component of any conference and this attendee is there to take full advantage! Being a successful networker can take a lot of prep work. The networker will have looked at a list of exhibitors, attendees, LinkedIn posts, and more to make a game plan on who they want to connect with. You’ll find them throughout the event mingling in the exhibit hall, talking to speakers after sessions, and chatting it up at the after parties.

4. The Free Swag” Attendee

Tchotchkes, swag, freebies, gifts, whatever you happen to call them, there’s ample opportunity to grab free stuff when you’re at a conference. Companies are consistently looking at ways to get their branding into the hands of potential customers. The free swag attendee is there to grab it all! They’ll likely leave the conference with a bag (branded of course) full of pens, cell phone hammocks, portable wireless chargers, and much more.

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