Stop, Drop & Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up stores continue to be an innovative, fun and effective approach for retailers in today’s ever growing competitive space. Whether it’s a store-within-store concept, a standalone pop-up or a traveling school bus road show, pop-up stores continue to win the attention of consumers, attracting both loyal and new customers.

For retailers, pop-up stores can be used to achieve various goals: testing out a new retail location, fueling sales or building brand awareness. Pop-up stores can also offer shoppers what online retail cannot; a chance to touch and feel product before they buy.

The great thing about pop-ups that we find all across the board — whether it’s a pop-up store, pop-up restaurant or event — is that they have this fear of missing out’ quality to them,” said Jeremy Baras, the CEO of PopUp Republic.

Customers are attracted to exclusivity. They’re attracted to a here today, gone tomorrow’ type of concept.”

Although pop-up stores can appear to be casual and spontaneous, they are not successfully executed without serious consideration and planning. A few things to consider when planning a pop-up store:

  1. Invest time to tell a story – Start early to save time and money, identify objectives and be sure to have resources (people) in place to execute.

  2. Pick your location – Finding the right neighborhood will lead to better traffic and is key to the success of your pop-up.

  3. Manage operations and make money – Using a mobile POS that integrates with your current systems will streamline payments and inventory.

  4. Spread the word – Make sure you customer base knows about your pop-up and is easily able to tell their friends.

  5. Follow-up – Don’t let the hype from your pop-up end. Collect customer information and build on those relationships.

So what’s stopping you from popping up shop?