Shopping With Millennials

One current challenge that retailers face is how to deal with a customer base that is increasingly tech savvy. The Millennials or Generation Y are becoming the majority of customers and it’s crucial to understand their purchasing habits.

There have been many theories about how best to attract Millennials’ attention through the use of in-store technology, but here are some concepts that you may have passed over. 

Three ways to attract Millennials’ attention with technology

1. Use GPS technology

Send out targeted text messages when customers are near or in your store. Millennials love when brands create a just for you!” experience. So, be like their best friend and send them a message when they’re in your store. According to a recent survey, that polled adults aged 18+, 74% of respondents would be ok with receiving a text when they visited a store. (Side note: They’ve even influenced the 55+ generation! In the same survey 59% agreed about in-store messaging). Stores can use this to their advantage to send out reminders of new stock, discounted items or even items tailored to that specific customer as they enter their store.

2. Allow for in-store customization

It’s important to always keep in mind that almost anything you sell in store can be found online. The difference is the experience you can create for your customers! Millennials don’t want to have a retail associate tell them what they should be buying. They want to be the ones to create their own experience. Through the use of interactive software such as endless aisle, you can allow your customers to play a larger role in their shopping experience.

3. Follow up

Send out a personalized post-shopping follow up. Did the customer buy a pair of jeans? Why not send out a selection of tops that would go well with the pants. The customer already has your store at the top of their mind so won’t mind seeing an e-mail. This also allows them to entertain the idea that they should pop back in to purchase other items! I recently shopped at store that sent me a Hey! Thanks for coming in to see us.” e-mail. That one small email gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside and 81% of respondents agreed with me! The majority of customers are open to receiving post-shopping contact. 

In a world where customers receive an overload of advertisements it’s important to have your store stand out. Remember, timing is important! There is a difference between pestering your customers and providing them with valuable information that will bring them back to your store.