Service & Repair Dealers’ VMI Integration

This just in! iQmetrix is pleased to announce the launch of our new Service and Repair Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) partners. These integrations create a seamless experience between our Service & Repair vendors, RQ and our RQ Repair customers. It will help to connect parts inventory and supply chain management all in one quick streamlined process.

Simple steps make the process painless

The integration kicks off when our customers visit their vendor’s website to create their parts order. Simply add items to the vendor shopping cart, checkout, and allow the integration to do all the remaining leg-work. Once checked out with a completed sale, our backend processes will not only communicate your order to the vendor systems, it will also immediately create your purchase order within RQ. Having previously confirmed availability from the website, the vendors will already be picking and packing your order upon receiving the online submission. Once your shipment is received at the store, simply login to RQ and receive the products into your POS system. It’s that simple.

Benefits are countless

  • The integration creates a seamless transaction experience between RQ and your vendor.

  • With the integration, there is no need to change your current inventory ordering processes – iQmetrix and our integrated vendors have created this experience with you in mind.

  • Minimal training is required to utilize this feature, so it is up and running faster than you can think about what you need to order.

  • Saves you time when ordering, which means you can focus on other areas of business.

  • Provides a deeper level of integration with your vendors that you will not experience anywhere else. We’re so excited to be able to offer this to you!

iQmetrix is dedicated to helping service and repair dealers simplify their practices and create growth opportunities. This VMI integration is just one way we are here to support and streamline your processes. 

Check out these amazing partners and their offerings here. Hit us up today and chat about getting integrated. Start seeing the benefits this integration can offer!

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