RQ4 Tips: Search Anywhere

Need to search for something but don’t know where to start? Use the Search Anywhere feature!

This is just another one of those features that can help clients simplify their day-to-day use of RQ4,” says iQmetrix Customer Success Manager Keith Nelson.

Here’s how to use Search Anywhere:

  • On the bottom right of any console screen, there is a magnifying glass. If you click on it, it will open a search box.
  • In this search box, you can enter an Invoice Number, Product SKUs, Service Request Numbers, Transfer Numbers, RMA Numbers, Customer Names, Sales Orders, Sales Quotes and Cashout IDs.
  • The Search Anywhere feature will even allow an employee to create an invoice just by scanning in a product that the customer wants to purchase.
  • Another scenario would be for a returned product: If the customer has the original invoice, you can scan the barcode and select the option to refund the invoice.
  • Same thing for Purchase Orders and Transfers: You can start receiving them by typing or scanning the Purchase Order Number or Transfer Number.

This is a handy feature for new employees that are not as familiar with the system and may not know where to go to accomplish these tasks,” Keith adds.

Since this search utility is on every console page, it makes it easy to, for instance, search for a customer if you are on the Inventory screen or receive a transfer when you happen to be on the Customer screen.”


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Check out iQmetrix’s brand-new Support & Community site!

The new Support & Community site puts all the RQ4 support and community discussions in one place. It consolidates our RQ4 help files, client suggestions and discussion forums into a single system, making it easy for users to find the information they need.

*Please note: The new site is only available to users updated to RQ4 version 4.1.4.

To access the new Support & Community site:

  • First-time login: You must go through RQ4 to access the Support & Community site.
  • Go to the Support tab in the upper-right corner and click on Community & Support.
  • After that: You can access the Support & Community site from any device, using the following URL: http://support.iQmetrix.com

If you have any questions, please contact your CSM directly.

A note for IT administrators:
To grant all employees access the RQ4 Support & Community site, please ensure to whitelist the URL: http://support.iQmetrix.com