RQ4 Tips: Report Filters

I have used the report filters quite often with clients, to make standard reports present data more concisely,” explains iQmetrix Customer Success Manager Dave Henning.

The Create Similar feature is a massive time saver for ANY inventory manager. Using the Export/​Import Price sheet function also allows users to make major changes to their price sheet with minimal effort.

I know that these little tips have made a huge impact on my clients’ day-to-day operations, reducing the amount of time they spend creating products, changing price sheets and viewing reports.”

Filters in Reports:

A lot of our clients don’t realize you can use the filter function in our reports to customize how it presents information. The example below shows how you can make the Sales by Invoice Report display sales that have a positive sales amount and a negative profit, indicating that something may be wrong with the invoice.

Right Click to Create Similar:

Again, a very useful and easy-to-use feature, but a surprising amount of clients don’t know it exists. When you want to create a new product, like another Bluetooth Headset for example, you can right click on a product in the same category in the inventory tree and select Create Similar.” RQ4 will use the same attributes as the source product. These includes Price, Manufacturer, Vendor, Vendor Cost, Min/​Max levels, Sale Pricing, and Commission settings.

Price Sheet Export:

The ability to export your price sheet saves a lot of time when you have to make changes. When you click Export” on the top of the price sheet, RQ4 creates an Excel file with the price sheet’s existing data. You can then easily copy-and-paste data into the Excel file. You can also change the order of the columns and rows. After all the changes are complete, simply click Import” and bring the changes into RQ4.

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