RQ4 Tips: Min/​Max Settings

Did you know you can set all of your company’s inventory Min/​Max settings in seconds?

Clients are impressed with this functionality because they can avoid a process that used to take hours to figure out,” says iQmetrix Customer Success Manager Keith Nelson.

By using the Min/​Max Calculator you can set your minimum quantities and maximum quantities based on your sales history for each item and/​or location, and you can do this all at once and in seconds.”

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the Min/​Max Pricing Adjustments Report. Select your whole company as the location in the report parameters. Then set the category for which you want to set the min/​max settings.
  • Set the vendors you want to use. Then set the Show dropdown combo box to all.
  • Next, select a sales history date range from which you would like to base your number. Setting the period is important because if you select a date range for a slow week you may end up with min/​max quantities that are too low and you could run out of stock.
    Note: A good rule of thumb is to base it off of last month’s sales history or even the last 3-month sales history. This does not apply to every product in your inventory (e.g. new phones your company has just received). Since items like these have a limited sales history, they must be set manually set until some history has accumulated.
  • Next, set the Set Min QTY = Daily Avg x” to the number of days it takes for orders to arrive once they have been placed. Then set Set Max Qty = Daily Avg x” to the number of days between orders. So, if you order once a week, you can put 7 days in that field.
  • Then Click the Calculate button. The system will then calculate what your minimum and maximum quantities should be, based on your previous sales history of those products. Then Save and you are done. Once you get this process down, you can regularly revise these numbers in a matter of seconds.


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