RQ4 Tips: Keeping Your Carrier Price Sheet Updated

Have you been cleaning up your inventory and disabled some products but are now are worried about updating your Carrier Price Sheet? No need to worry anymore!

Here’s a tip that lets you keep your carrier pricing sheet up to date, so you won’t have to go in six months from now and have to match SKU by SKU what’s in your inventory tree to what’s in the carrier pricing sheet,” explains iQmetrix Customer Success Manager Megan Slinn.

It also lets you avoid having to write down all the SKUs that the carrier has disabled and go down the price sheet to find them. That can be tiresome if the sheet is long.”

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Simply open your price sheet and you will see the products that were disabled highlighted in red. For any Non-Stocked Products and Regular Products that are there, simply delete the rows.

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  • If you are making changes in the price sheet and forget to delete the rows before you hit save, no worries. You will get a notification that the products highlighted in red are going to be removed from the Price Sheet. Click OK to confirm, or cancel to leave then highlighted on the sheet.

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  • For Vendor Rebate Products, once they aredisabled and associated to a Price Sheet, the SKU will be highlighted in the price sheet and you can then remove it manually.

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  • If you forget to delete it before you save, you will be reminded that there is a disabled SKU on the sheet and you will need to remove it manually.

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