RQ4 Tips: Customer Information – Are you collecting it? Are you USING it?

As your iQmetrix RQ4 CSM, my job is to help ensure that you are using RQ4 to the best of your abilities and maximizing use of the software in your stores,” says iQmetrix Customer Success Manager Sean Webster.

Sean_Webster2.jpgIn this article, I’m going to focus on Customer Information, collecting it and making use of it within RQ4.”

Below are 4 things that many RQ4 clients do not realize they can control, concerning customer information, collecting it and how to use it to drive customers back into their stores:

  1. You are using Quick Sales. Quick Sales do not give you any customer information when used, so you cannot do any future marketing to these customers. Every customer that you do not have contact information for is a missed opportunity to turn a drop-in customer into a repeat customer. You can disable Quick Sales in your RQ4 database.

    - You can view how many Quick Sales your employees are making each month using the Sales by Invoice Report and then sorting by Customer Name.

    - To Discourage Quick Sales in RQ4, go to Settings > Point of Sale, choose Sales and then check Prompt user to pick a customer when Quick Sale is launche

    - To Disable Quick Sales in RQ4, go to Settings > Human Resources >Security Screen Setup and go to Console: Sales.

  2. Employees are not collecting proper Customer Information (Name, Address, Zip/​Postal, Phone #, E-mail). All of these can be used for future marketing also to bring customers back into the store, or to follow up with customers on their purchase.

    - To view what your employees have been collected, use the Customer List Report and choose a date range. This report will let you sort the columns to view how much information the employees have been collecting. Contact your CSM for ideas on how to encourage your employees to collect this information.

  3. Automatic Call Backs. Within RQ4, you can generate Automatic Call Backs for your employees to call customers and follow up to ensure they are happy with their recent purchase. Call backs are a good way to show a customer that you care about their business, helping to turn them into a repeat customer. There is a video on how to set call backs up under Videos > Settings > Company Call Backs. Once a call back has been generated, employees can find their call backs assigned to them in Operations. Then, they just have to activate the Call Backs to view (click the little gear icon beside Modules).

  4. Marketing Module. The Marketing Module within RQ4 allows you to create Calling campaigns for employees to call customers, or direct mail campaigns or e-mail campaigns to invite customers back into your stores. Creating a Marketing campaign only takes a matter of minutes and allows you to reach out to a large selection of your customers quite easily. Contact your CSM to arrange training on how to set up and use the Marketing campaigns and some ideas for it. There is also a video on Marketing Campaigns, under Videos > Webinars (Advanced Training), then choose Marketing to Your Customers.

    - Remember: It costs 5 to 8 times more to get 1 new customer into your store than 1 repeat customer. Repeat customers spend 33% more per trip than new customers.


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