RQ4 Tips: Custom Reports

This week’s tips come from iQmetrix Customer Success Manager Erin Drake. Erin identified how customizing reports in RQ4 can save clients time and hassle.

I was recently doing an on-site visit with a client and we showed their staff some of the ways you can customize RQ4 reports,” says Erin. They left our meeting, started setting up reports and were impressed with how much time they were going to be able to save every day.”

Erin says that experience showed her and her fellow CSMs that most RQ4 users don’t know this functionality is available to them.

The best thing about customizing reports is that it saves you from having to go into Excel every day and manipulate data. With the click of a button, you can generate the same reports within RQ4 itself.”

Custom Reports

If you’re opening a report in RQ4, and export to Excel to manipulate the data, you can now do that in the RQ4 report itself. You can filter, group and show/​hide/​highlight rows based on certain criteria, and once you’ve figured out what data you want, you can save it as a custom report.” You only have do that once, and you can specify the date range. If you’re running it every day, you can set the initial date to one month prior to the current day, and it will automatically show you the month’s data when you open it up tomorrow.

Grid Column Filtering

One of the coolest new features in 4.1 is the new grid column filtering feature. It allows you to take a large dataset and temporarily filter it based on criteria that you specify. For example, let’s say you’re viewing the Auto Ordering Report and the grid contains multiple products for multiple vendors. If you want to limit the data to a specific vendor, click on the little magnifying glass icon in the grid header (see below) and then type the name of the vendor into the box that appears above that column. As you type, the contents of the column will start to change and only the rows matching your criteria will remain. You can do the same thing with the other columns if you want to refine the data further. To undo it, just click on the X in the box. This works for all data types (e.g. check boxes, drop-downs, numbers, etc.).

Note: This functionality is primarily reserved for reports but it also exists in key screens where it makes sense, like price sheets, for example.

Freeze Reports Columns

This feature lets you freeze certain columns so that they are always in view as you scroll horizontally. This comes in handy when you are dealing with very large grids that contain numerous columns. To freeze columns, just click on the thin box to the left of the first grid column in the header section and then drag it to the right, past the columns you want to freeze. Remember, you can hide and rearrange the columns. Everything to the left of that divider will now remain in view no matter where you scroll.

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