RQ4 Tips: Biometrics Improve Security and Accountability

iQmetrix, in partnership with DigitalPersona, is proud to offer Biometric Authentication in RQ, our cell phone store POS software. Exclusively compatible with DigitalPersona fingerprint scanners, iQmetrix offers clients the ability to maximize security and increase accountability through fingerprint authentication in RQ.

Clients have told me having fingerprint scanners has helped them improve employee time clock accuracy by reducing buddy punch-ins and creating an expectation for employee accountability,” says iQmetrix Customer Success Manager, Erin Drake.

When you’re a retailer trying to increase your bottom line, employees stealing time can be just as costly as stealing inventory.”

The easy to use, fingerprint scanners allow for easy setup in RQ. Register individual employee’s biometric identity in four easy steps:

  1. In the Employee console, double click on the employee you wish to configure.
  2. From the employee profile screen, click the Fingerprint button.
  3. Have the employee place his/​her finger on the fingerprint scanner and click the Fingerprint button corresponding to that finger to perform the scan. Entered will be displayed in the Status field if the scan was successful.
  4. Click Finish and Save Changes.

Once installed, the fingerprint scanner logs users into RQ without the need for passwords, by capturing the fingerprint image and identifying unique fingerprint features. It then relays the unique information to RQ, and compares it to all registered fingerprints in the system to ensure that users can only log in as themselves. The process eliminates buddy punching,” maximizing security and increasing accountability.

The iQmetrix biometrics solution can be used with both RQ login and payroll punch-in functionality. Security Settings control whether employees have the option to log/​punch in with fingerprint only, or fingerprint/​typed password.

If you are interested in Biometrics or purchasing fingerprint scanners please call 1.888.888.8170 or email support@​iQmetrix.​com.


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A note for IT administrators:
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