RQ Tips: Tax Setup Per Product SKU

Assigning a new tax to certain product SKUs can be quick and easy. Do you have a new tax but only need it applied to certain products?

Create the new tax within Tax Setup and only apply the tax to the necessary locations. When RQ prompts to apply the new tax to Regular products, Non-Stock products, etc… simply select no. 

Using the Category Setup or within each SKU, you can easily assign the new tax to only the products that require it.

- Category Setup offers the ability to assign a certain tax at the category level. The new tax will filter down to sub-categories and SKUs within the assigned category. Go to RQ/ Settings/​Company Settings / Inventory / Category Setup – Tax Defaults for New Products (tab)

RQ Tax Setup Per Product Category

- When creating a new SKU or editing an existing SKU RQ offers the ability to edit Taxes. This option can be found in the lower right area of the Details (tab) of any SKU – Taxes”. Simply click the Add Taxes” button or highlight a tax and click delete on the keyboard to remove the tax.

RQ Tax Setup Per SKU

If you have any questions about this feature or RQ in general, please contact your Account Manager directly.