RQ Tips: Carrier Commission Reconciliation

When using the Reconcile Vendor Rebates tool in RQ, make sure to use the search filters. 

Just click on the magnifying glass to turn them on just like in other RQ reports. You can filter reconciled or flagged items, overpaid or underpaid items, or certain terms, rate plans, or devices.

RQ search filters let you isolate reconciled/​flagged items, overpaid/​underpaid items, short paid scenarios and more.

You can also isolate specific short paid patterns or scenarios so they can be easily adjusted or disputed. Using search filters when reconciling can make the process much more efficient!

We know learning reconciliation can be a daunting task by yourself. We understand that an accurate and timely reconciliation is a key component of running a tight, profitable business. This is why we offer a special program, Advanced Reconciliation Training, to help you start reconciling in RQ.

You will work with our Professional Services Specialist in an interactive one-on-one training to help you accurately and efficiently reconcile in a timely manner.

To learn more this program, or others check out our website at http://www.iqmetrix.com/services/training/programs or email training@​iqmetrix.​com.