Retailers Offer Unique In-Store Experiences, Increase Sales

The Wall Street Journal published a great article yesterday (Oct. 20) about a number of major retailers hosting unique brand experiences in their stores, to bring customers in and of course to bolster sales.

The photo above is from an Origins store in Houston, which offers free facials and in-store sinks for customers to try different products. They can also examine actual live herbs and plants that go into Origins creams and lotions, while in the store. Origins reports sales from these newly designed stores are up 20% to 40% compared to their older format stores.

Slow shopping’: The longer customers spend in a store, the more they will buy.

Part of the rationale with these experiential stores is encouringing slow shopping,” which is based on the premise that the longer customers spend in a store, the more money they will spend.

A North-Carolina based grocer called Lowes Foods offers both quick convenience for customers in a hurry (self-checkout, express lanes, online order and delivery), but also select stores that allow you to clip herbs from an in-store garden, and sample beers at a craft beer bar. Lowes’ chief marketing officer says it’s like a Disney experience.”

Origins saw sales jump 20% to 40% in stores that offered unique brand experiences like free facials and live herbs.

Other examples in the article:

  • Club Monaco features a library, flower shop and coffee bar inside its New York City flagship location.
  • Urban Outfitters hosts rock concerts and art events at its stores, and event had a workshop at an L.A. store where customers could learn how to infiuse their own wild honey.
  • Restoration Hardware’s Chicago store is located in a historic, restored heritage building that encourages customers to explore its elaborate architecture… and shop while they explore.