Retailers: It’s Time to Embrace Digital!

It was a beautiful day out and I was enjoying lunch on a patio with a group of my friends when the topic of a video that had circulated earlier in the day came up.

Quick side note on the video, I learned a tiger can jump the equivalent height of a full grown elephant! Anyway, this topic somehow evolved into the talk of TV commercials and how infrequently we’ve seen them in the past few months. We’re a small sample size, but surely we cannot be that far from the norm? This got me thinking…

Current Advertising Market

According to a study by eMarketer, here is the percentage breakdown of the top three categories as of 2016: (Based on overall ad spending in the US.)

1. TV– 36.8%

2. Digital– 35.8%

a) Mobile– 22.7%

3. Print– 13.9%

It makes sense to mass market through TV commercials due to its strong consumer reachability and usability statistics. According to multiple studies I found, US households tend to have multiple TV’s (an average of 2), typically spend around 5 hours per day watching TV and can reach upwards of 283 million people!

However, 2017 is set to provide a monumental shift in the advertising industry as digital media is set to surpass TV as the primary spot for ad spending!

The Mobile Age

In 2017 eMarketer has forecasted that digital media will usurp TV and assume the number one spot for ad spending.

1. Digital – 38.4%

a) Mobile – 26.2%

2. TV – 35.8%

3. Print – 12.9%

The mobile age is upon us and continues to grow rapidly. We carry our phone with us everywhere we go. Everywhere you say? Yes. Be honest, you’ve taken your phone into the bathroom just like the rest of us. It’s our first stop for news and is regarded as the primary spot for ad spending within the digital media category. 

A study by Facebook earlier this year showed that 61% of omnichannel shoppers expect to use their smartphones more in-store in 2016. For retailers, this means making your customer’s in-store mobile browsing your friend instead of your foe. 

One major key to marketing a product is to reach your target market in a way that resonates with them. For that reason, successful digital marketing campaigns targeting media that can be viewed on a mobile device or in-store on screens is going to play a major role in 2017 and beyond.

A well thought out mobile advertising strategy working in combination with solutions such as in-store digital signage not only delivers a seamless experience, but allows consumers to have an excellent customer experience regardless of the channel.