Retailers: Channel That Smartphone Addiction

With 76% of Canadians and 95% of Americans owning a cell phone today, how has this addiction changed things for retailers? 

It doesn’t matter age, race, sex, or annual income, it seems everyone these days is owning some kind of cell phone. While they keep us informed with our loved ones, smartphones seem to have become something we can’t live without.

What does this mean for the retail world? Consumers have access to all of the shopping options at just a touch of their fingertips. They can choose what and where they want to shop, and don’t have to leave the comfort of their home. They have the ability to vet out options before needing to ever set foot in a physical store. Today’s consumers are more informed and can read reviews on every product, store, and brand to decide where they will spend their money.

Retailers have needed to be on top of this addiction in order to capitalize on consumer spending.

Retailers have needed to be on top of this addiction in order to capitalize on consumer spending. They have done things such as sending personalized offers based on consumers shopping habits and browsing history. Or even by sending texts to the consumer while they are in the store to peak their interest in other items. Consumers can sign up for newsletters, or text alerts when new products or out, or a sale is coming so that they are always informed.

So what can YOU do to ensure you’re capitalizing on the growing smartphone addiction? Here are the top three things the implement in your stores today. 

1. Get mobile friendly

In this day and age, everyone has a website, but is your website mobile friendly? If not, you are likely to frustrate, turn off and lose customers. 

2. Accept mobile payments 

With the emergence of simple and convenient payment options such as ApplePay, we are beginning to see a new breed of shoppers. In not jumping aboard with this new trend, you risk losing a large, up and coming group of customers.

3. Encourage frequent upgrades

What does this mean? Retailers must leverage their online presence to reach out to mobile phone addicted consumers. Think mobile-only promotions and offers that can be used to drive consumers into your store. 

Today’s retailers must be extra aware of what their current and potential consumers are looking for. With cellphone addiction, though, consumers are making it much easier when they are always checking their phones. The goal is to be one step ahead of consumers, whether it’s on their smartphone or not.

So, what other retail trends are coming down the pipe? Dig into our retail trends blogs to read about the latest and greatest ideas in retail.