Retailers: Be User-Generated Content Savvy

In part two of our three-part series, we talked about the danger of ignoring the increasingly powerful consumer group known as millennials.Today, we’re discussing user generated content and how it relates to millennials. What is user-generated content (UGC)? It sounds so fancy.

UGC is simply content your audience is creating and, in an age where it is less expensive than ever to buy and use technology, users are a rich resource of untapped content. While it may flip traditional business strategy on its head, the reality of incorporating user-generated content in marketing and sales efforts is more than just good business sense. It is necessary.

The sooner retailers get on board with UGC, the better position they’ll be in to really connect with their customers and add to their bottom line.

Nearly 75% of all internet users are active on social channels, sharing ideas, opinions, thoughts, and their lives.

Millennials are posting original photos and videos of their lives and their lives are made up of experiences that include your products and services. You better believe they are incorporating those products and services in their posts.Screen_Shot_2016-09-18_at_6.25.52_PM.png

Why not put that content to work for your business?

Good or bad, peer-to-peer conversation and sharing are increasingly responsible for driving sales and, if you let it, it will also be responsible for driving the direction of your business.

Conversations about your products and services are happening, whether you’re involved or not.

Insert yourself in the conversation by openly including user-generated content in your marketing and sales channels and you will gain the trust of your customers and add to your bottom line.

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